Seven Must-Visit Water Parks in the Midwest

When the summer temperatures begin heating up in the Midwest, many people seek out the cool and comfort of the nearest swimming pool. Still, while the local pool may be fine for a cooling down, nothing quite compares to the fun and excitement offered by a water park. Luckily, the Midwest is home to a wide range of outstanding water parks that are sure to thrill and here are some of our picks for the best that are definitely worth checking out.

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Tips for Traveling on a Budget

You want to travel and see the world, but you have a tight budget. It is still possible to see the places you want; it just takes a little ingenuity. This article will go over several tips to travel to beautiful destinations without breaking the bank.

Explore Non-US Flights for International Travel

If you're planning to fly internationally, look for international flights that can fly between the United States and Europe. These flights are often much cheaper than flying a major carrier. If you're looking to fly within Europe, look for discount flights on a regional discount airline instead of a major carrier. You can fight one-way flights for a low as 25 Euros. You can check whichbudget to find out who is flying to what destination.

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